Brand focused private music consultancy directed at enhancing your brand through the use of music. Our aim is to guide you on all aspects of applying music to your brand, as well as actively managing the whole process for you. Meaning you can focus on getting ready for opening without having to put in weeks of work yourself on music, something that is often left till the last minute and not properly considered.. And lets face it..There is nothing worse than having intrusive music blasted at you when you're trying to enjoy your lunch!

Service includes:

  • Ensuring you can play the music your brand needs in your store space, restaurant or bar.
  • Licensing (PRS and PPL).
  • Dealing with IT teams to integrate music into your website or holding page.
  • Designing your playlists to enhance your brands identity and presence.
  • Helping source your music legally.
  • Finding unique/bespoke music that is individual to you and your brand.
  • Recommend and source your sound system.
  • Designing speaker layouts to get the best and most even sound from your space.
  • Acoustic treatment solutions for your space.
  • Arranging for you to sell CD's of the music you play with your brand.
  • On-site installations for the sound and playback systems including wiring.
  • On site checks to ensure everything is working as it should before opening.
  • On-going 24/7 support for any problems or questions along the way even after opening.

Service is provided on a consultancy basis, fees will be charged based opon what aspects of the service the client needs. Services start at £1000, retainer fees may apply should a client require ongoing input after opening.

Please get in touch for futher information:


From the outset SilverHammer was keen to understand our brand values, customer profile and restaurant layout. Their attention to detail is impressive and they continue to help wherever they can. The choice of equipment and its installation was spot on. Our bespoke and unique playlists were carefully researched and are regularly updated. Everything was done on time, within budget and they are a pleasure to work with.
— Kevin Bacon, Founder Whyte & Brown