Our live room maintains a very classic feel with all the modern equipment required to produce the latest sounds to the highest quality. We are able to comfortably accommodate everything from solo artists, to whole bands or even up to small orchestral groups.

Instead of a fixed sounding recording desk our recording chain is based around the 500 series; combining the use of the best analogue recording and dynamics available, while maintaining the maximum level of flexibility in sound for our clients. We run Logic Pro X (although Pro Tools and Presonus Studio One are available also) and an ever growing range of plug-ins.

The Benefits of the 500 setup

The 500 set-up is incredibly versatile and allows the studio to easily adapt to any style of recording; ranging from Hip Hop and pop, to rock, classical and Acoustic R'n'B.  We are able to combine any selection of mic pre, eq and compressor in any combination to achieve what the client is looking for. Rather than being stuck with a fixed sound from a single recording desk which has the same set-up on each channel.

This differs greatly from most studios who run a recording desk with the same recording chain, and therefore same sound, on each recording channel.

High Quality Recording
Despite their smaller size the 500 series is more than equal to (and in some cases better than) your more traditional style recording gear, yet brings a massively increased level of flexibility and cost effectiveness both to clients and engineers. Importantly even though they boast a more modern design and mentality to recording, they fully integrate with any and all older recording gear and are often built using identical or near identical components to their original predecessor.


Recording session cost (including engineer): £360 per day, £220 per half day, or £55 per hour.

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