Audio mastering is the final and most critical step in the audio post-production process, and is the stage between the final mix-down and the eventual distribution of your music. It adds the final polish and ‘shine’ to a song that helps it stand out from the crowd. Once mastered, your songs are then ‘release ready’ and will stand up comparably in quality and loudness to commercially released music. Using our high end specialist audio equipment and plugins, in an acoustically treated room, our experienced ears will polish your music and give it that professional edge in a highly competitive market. We use a mixture of high-end hardware and software in our studio as each mastering project is different, and this allows us to cater for all types of audio from analog to digital. Mastering applies common tools such as EQ, compression, expansion, image tools and limiting as well as being the last chance to fix any final issues you may have with your mix (although we always advise to fix any issues in the mix-down). One or all of the above tools are often used, and no two tracks are the same meaning each track is treated individually, requiring a different solution to ensure the best results possible.

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