SilverHammer Productions have spent years writing music for various clients covering all areas of the music industry. We offer full custom composition services for clients requiring music for films, video games, adverts and media based promotional packs. All writing projects are quoted for on an individual basis, based upon the clients needs. Please see below for some examples our work and for any further information please get in touch:

Clients - Giles Andrews, Redwood Studios, Sean Pertwee, Robert Dowling, and Bradley Adams (Producer). Worked with - Soundtree Studios (top advert scoring studio have won loads of BAFTAS etc), Citroen, Bryan Elsley (skins)

Promotional advert for the feature film 'Lampiao - The Bandit King'. Score composed and arranged by SilverHammer Productions. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered at SilverHammer Studios.

Commissioned by Sliced Bread Animation ( for their client GN ReSound. This is an early render provided to us to start composing to and does not reflect the final quality of the video, which is available on our website or from Sliced Bread Animation The Smart Way to Connect with British Asian singles