We have years of experience in writing game music and sound effects for titles ranging from iPad apps to full Xbox and Oculus rift titles.

Clients include,

  • Sliced Bread Animation
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Think EMotive digital healthcare agency (we have done 2 award winning titles with them: RX Club [silver] & PM society digital media awards [Bronze] )
  • Criss Cross Games and Hunted Cow publishing

We are comfortable writing in any style that suits your game or media title (Classical, electronic, atmospheric etc.)

Detailed delivery, work with coders to ensure audio and music works properly.

Featured Item

Recently released on steam, developed by Criss-Cross Games; Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp uses simple mechanics in a multitude of combinations to create engaging, deep gameplay as you try to eliminate an evolving virus that could spell the end of the human race.

SilverHammer Productions provided ALL audio and sound effects for this title. For more information & to buy the game check it out on Steam.

Other Work

A series of 3 flash games made by Sliced Bread Animation for the LFB (London Fire Brigade) based around the idea of saving people from various areas of a burning Hotel. Original Score, Voiceover and Effects by SilverHammer Producitons.



Lovely, comfortable recording environment for voice recording with option for seated or standing recordings; depending on how your actors like to work. We offer a full drinks service for any VO actors that are in for longer readings and is an ideal service for clients that need voice over for games, films, adverts or audio books.


Voice over sessions start from £50